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Fill Your Head


Kid's Quest offers an interactive learning adventure for students across SD and is a  TV production of South Dakota Public Broadcasting designed to bring guest experts and live interaction into SD  classrooms.  Follow the Kids Quest "Topic" menu on the left-hand side of the page for an archive of past programs or access the program Fill Your Head With Space below.

Fill your Head with Space
is a new Kid's Quest show on SDPB. Please pick the appropriate grade level below for activities related to the program. Any of the activities can be adapted to fit your classroom.

Watch the Program in  Real Media

Watch the Program in  Windows Media

Demonstrations from the show

3rd Grade 

4th Grade

5th grade

Questions, comments or ideas for Kids Quest can be e-mailed to

Credits/Special Thanks
Airport - Hartington, NE
Cedar Catholic High School - Hartington, NE
City of Hartington, Nebraska
Harold Davidson Field - Vermillion, SD Airport

Safety Alert
As an educator you are responsible for the implementation of the activities found on this site. You must have safety procedures and rules established for you classroom and make sure all of the students follow the rules to ensure a safe environment. South Dakota Public Broadcasting cannot in any way be responsible or liable for any injury as a result of using the activities. Use the activities you feel are appropriate and safe for your individual class. Have fun and stay safe.

We have included an extensive list of related sites. We preview each related site looking for adult content. Unfortunately, we cannot find all of the inappropriate material on an individual site. We include links we feel may be of use in the education setting. Each site has individual rights and disclaimers you must be aware of. Please call us Toll Free at 1-800-456-0766 if you find any questionable content and we will remove it. If we have unintentionally linked to your site and we are not allowed to please contact us at 1-800-456-0766 and we will remove the link. Thank you.