Kids' Quest offers an interactive learning adventure for students across SD. The educational series allowed students to ask questions during programs.

Please choose a featured episode and corresponding activities below.

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-A Chat with the Governor-
Learn more about state government.





-Endangered Species-
A look at some of the endangered species in the natural world.


-Fill Your Head With Space-
Interactive Learning Adventures for kids across SD


-Kids' Quest Investigators on the Job-
Try some great labs in your classroom. 


-Kids' Quest Making Change Really Counts-
Education resource for counting back the correct change.


-Peer Pressure-
This program looks at some tough kids’ problems - bullying, feeling accepted, substance abuse, school violence and home violence.


-The Lewis and Clark Adventures-
Programs abound on the Corps of Discovery, with the focus on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, leaders of the epic 1804 expedition.


-Wild Weather-
Weather and emergency experts answer questions and offer tips.