Language & Fine Arts

Deadwood Songbook
A project of Deadwood's Adams Museum. Includes bonus music clips.

Festival of Books
Replay audio from many of the "Non-Fiction" track sessions.

Lorie Line
A South Dakota holiday treat!

One of the world's leading violinists, visited South Dakota recently to share her talent with musicians and music-lovers in South Dakota.

Music Education
Local music productions, including the Symphony Orchestra's "Young People's Concert Series": Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" and the Lakota Music Project.

No Cover, No Minimum
The classic early 1980s South Dakota Public Broadcasting local music series NO, COVER, NO MINIMUM is back on SDPB Television with a new generation of musical talents who are from or performing in South Dakota.

PBS Kids Go Writers Contest
Highlights from the South Dakota PBS Kids GO Writers Contest.

Poetry Out Loud
A poetry competition for high school students.

Revealing Voices From the Past
A historical writing workshop with Dayton Duncan, writer and co-producer of The National Parks: American's Best Idea.

Sioux Falls in the '50s
50's Influences and fads from local music to television to drive-ins, featuring Sioux Falls citizens who remember the era.

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra's
2010 Season Finale: SDSO Music Director Delta David Gier conducts.

Social Science

American Ace: The Joe Foss Story
WW II ace, Medal of Honor winner, governor, football commissioner, TV show host, business executive - is one of SD's most famous sons.

Capitol Scavenger Hunt
Try these scavenger hunts the next time you visit the South Dakota State Capitol Building.

Dakota Pathways
South Dakota History curriculum in a 20 part series including video clips, classroom activities, challenges, and a teachers guide for each segment.

THe Dust Bowl
Learn about the “Dirty Thirties” in South Dakota.

Korean War Memorial and Survivor Stories
Korean War Memorial Dedication: September 18th, 2004.

Kids' Quest
A variety of video programs specially created for use by K-12 teachers in South Dakota on topics from wild life, history, peer pressure, money, science, and more.

Local Heroes
Includes personal stories about the depression era and WWII to the 211th Engineering Company's recent tour in Afghanistan.

Lost Bird
Late in the 19th century, a Lakota child survived a massacre and was adopted by a prominent white couple, only to endure a life of racism, abuse and poverty. Her poignant story is told in Lost Bird Of Wounded Knee. The program is based on the acclaimed book, Lost Bird of Wounded Knee: Spirit of the Lakota, by Renee Sansom Flood.   (Watch it) (Program details and guides

Native American Culture
Programs encompassing history, culture, and the modern world of Native Americans in South Dakota and across the nation. Also, over 100 additional audio and video features from SDPB about the Lakota people in the great plains.

Oceti Sakowin
SDPB Television and Learning Services
The People of the Seven Council Fires. Their story in their words. Plus a teaching tool for Native American students. Bridging the Gap: Native American Education-
Due to cultural differences and socio-economic conditions, the challenges facing Native American students are many. This video/teaching tool offers insight into the problems and possible solutions for educators of Native American young people. (Facilitator’s Guide/ View Online/ Credit List)

Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea
A historical video documentary on the South Dakota Capitol building; including a lesson plans and other resources to enhance program use in the classroom.

Pearl Harbor Survivors: SD Stories
CSPAN founder, chairman and CEO Brian Lamb receives the Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media at the Robert L. Slagle Hall Auditorium on the University of South Dakota campus.

The Stavig Letters
Written in Norwegian and translated into English by Bruce and Marta Boyce, are an extensive collection of letters between two brothers, Lars Stavig who immigrated to America and his brother Knut who stayed in Norway.

The Tribes of Dakota
This SDPB Radio documentary examines subjects like treaty rights, cultural survival, poverty, respect for the elders, the role of women, urban life, casinos, and the future.
(Tribes of Dakota II) (Tribes of Dakota III: The Story of Zitkala-Sa)

Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo)
A four- part PowerPoint series developed by Badlands National Park and South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The PowerPoint series includes a brief history of buffalo in South Dakota. Also, there are photos of buffalo parts, like a buffalo hide and tail. Your students are encouraged to guess the traditional use of the buffalo part and its location on the buffalo.

Vietnam Memorial Dedication
Coverage of the Vietnam War Memorial Parade and Dedication on September 16, 2006.

WWII Memorial Dedication
South Dakota Public Broadcasting's coverage of the South Dakota World War II Memorial Dedication.

Science, Health & Math

100 Yards, 100 Years
This SDPB Television documentary looks at High School Football in South Dakota from 1906 to 2006.

Badlands: Natures Time Capsule
A video documentary on the geological history through modern day life in the Band Lands of South Dakota. Plus added resources and ideas that enhance this program for classroom use.

Black Hills and The Mountain Pine Beetle
The Black Hills and The Mountain Pine Beetle. What an ongoing and severe Mountain Pine Beetle infestation is doing to Black Hills forests - and what is being done to limit the impact of the blight.

Kids' Quest
A variety of video programs specially created for use by K-12 teachers in South Dakota on topics from wild life, history, peer pressure, money, science, and more.

Kids' Quest: Making Change Really Counts
Education resource for counting back the correct change.

Nature Adventures
Learn about the wildlife, landforms, and unique characteristics of our amazing state.

Play Like a Girl: A History of Girls Basketball in South Dakota
A one-hour SDBP documentary tracking the evolution of girls basketball in the state. Memorable coaches and players help tell the intriguing tale of one of our state's most beloved games.

Science Cafe
Library of video presentations by scientist and researchers working in South Dakota. Watch presentations from the archive or ask about hosting a science café in your community.

Science IQ
(Old School Science Demonstrations) - Science and math resources/activities for the classroom and home.
Shadow of Meth
A one-hour documentary on the meth epidemic in the prairie region told firsthand by those hardest hit.

South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals
South Dakota High School Rodeo Association's Annual State Rodeo Finals.

Spencer, SD Storm
May 30, 1998 Spencer, SD tornado chronicled.

This Emotional Life
Find wellness resources in your community and to connect with others like you.