This Month's Books!

Here are some of Buddy’s favorite books. 
He likes to read a lot and always finds out about new and interesting things in the books he reads.  Click on the titles to see the TV promo for each book!

"The Sun Is My Favorite Star"
Buddy says read the book The Sun Is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch. Did you know that the sun is really a star? The sun wakes you up in the morning, warms your face while you play and goes to bed the same time that you do. There are all kinds of stars, is this your favorite one? Don't with a Buddy!

"Bunny on the Beach"
Buddy says read the book Bunny on the Beach by Anna Milbourne. Sand, shovels and buckets. Along with your friends, these are really important things to take to the beach if you want to build a sand castle. Don't forget your sun screen and with a Buddy!

"Camping Out"
Buddy says read the book Camping Out by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright. Poppy and Sam live on Apple Tree Farm and when campers come to stay on the farm, they think it sounds like fun, too................until a surprise guest comes to check out their tent. Read on and don't with a Buddy!

"On the Beach"
Buddy says read the book On the Beach by Alastair Smith and Laura Howell. Did you know that sand is made from tiny pieces of rock and shells and that oyster shells open and close like a book? Be sure to open up this book and learn more about what's on the beach and don't with a Buddy!

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