Healthcare reform

SD Focus - 09/10/2009

South Dakota Focus: Healthcare Reform

Thursday September 10th program details:

The Healthcare reform debate – it’s an issue taking center stage across the nation and it’s the topic on our season premiere of South Dakota Focus. Join host Richard Muller as he visits with guests about what is being proposed in Congress, what might work, what might not work plus you can call in with your own questions and commets to 1.877.825.5788 or email us It’s all about healthcare reform on our Sept. 10th South Dakota Focus LIVE at 8:00pm CT / 7pm MT. LIVE online at The program will re-air on Sunday Sept. 13th at 1:00pm CT / noon mt.
Guests will include:
SD State Representative Dr. Blake Curd – Coalition to Protect Patients Rights

Representative from the South Dakota State Medical Association

Ken Senger – South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations

Lonnie McKittrick – Independent Insurance Agents of SD


South Dakota Focus: Healthcare History

September 17th program details:

Healthcare will continue to take center stage on South Dakota Focus as we zero in on this emotional issue for our Sept. 17th episode.  Our guests will give us a better understanding of the history of healthcare in our nation and how it has changed over the past decade. Also up for discussion will be why it's changed. We will look at the health of Americans in general and how that has also changed over the years. With such a large percentage of citizens considered overweight and unhealthy what impact has that had on the healthcare and insurance industry. Should congress consider more prevention and incentive programs with a healthcare reform?   Should Americans be forced to be more accountable for their own health? Join us as our guests handle these tough questions plus you can call in with your own questions and comments at or email us at 8:00pm CT / 7mt. Watch LIVE online at  The  program will re-air on Sunday Sept. 20th at 1:00pm CT / noon mt.

Guests will include:

Mary Derby - Health Services Administration Program - USD School of Business

Darrin Smith - American Heart Association

Dr. Tom Huber - South Dakota State Medical Association

Dave Hewett - President CEO South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations


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SD Focus for Sept. 10 2009
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