Stuck in the Middle: The Sandwich Generation

SD Focus - 09/24/2009

Join us for our next South Dakota Focus as we take a closer look at the sandwich generation. Twenty Five percent of American families are involved with taking care of their elder parents and their own children. As more and more baby boomers become part of the sandwich generation and seniors the need to understand aging and family relationships increase. Our experts will be here to help us all understand this growing dynamic . We'll also show you Daybreak in Sioux Falls. This is a daycare center for the elderly with a nurse on staff full time and activities that many would find in a typical daycare setting. Viewers will be able to call in with their own questions and comments to 1.877.825.5788 / or send us your emails to South Dakota Focus airs Thursdays at 8:00pm CT / 7mt.

Guests will include:

Molly Keegan - Daybreak - Adult Daycare Service Program

Scott Hult, a Regional Manager for the Division of Adult Services and Aging,

Michelle Erpenbach and her mother Dorothy Erhart are part of the Sandwich Generation. Michelle has two teenagers at home and two children in college while caring for her aging mother. Dorothy still lives in her own home and does many things by herself.  Michelle does take care of some of her daily chores. Michelle and Dorothy will share their story which will include the challenges they have faced over the years and how they have over come those challenges.

Bonnie Reynolds - with Trail Ridge Retirmenet Community will join the program briefly to explain how this issue of the Sandwich Generation is increasing across South Dakota. Bonnie will also talk about the many programs available for those who find themselves in the Sandwich generation.  


For  more  information:


The Greater Sioux Falls Coalition on Aging


Trail Ridge Senior Living


The Alliance for Caregiver Education (ACE)

Contact: Bonnie Reynolds - 605-339-4847



South Dakota Division of Social Services,



Center for Active Generations



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