South Dakota Focus: Soldiers and Suicide

SD Focus - 02/25/2010

Join us for our February 25th South Dakota Focus as we take a closer look at suicide and soldiers. The number of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afganistan who are depressed or attempt suicide is alarming. The South Dakota National Guards is taking major steps in helping these soldiers and working with their families. Our guests will talk about the programs in place to help soldiers deal with returning home and what everyone can do to make that return easier. That's Suicide and Soldiers on our Feb. 25th South Dakota Focus at 8:00pm CT / 7mt. South Dakota Focus re-airs Sundays at 1pm ct / noon mt.

Richard Muller – SDPB

Lt. Col. Harvey Fitzgerald – SD National Guard
Janell Christensen – Veterans Admin. Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Betsy Homan – Help Line Center
Sue Keller – Trauma Crisis SDNG



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South Dakota Focus Soldiers and Suicide Program
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