Harvey Dunn - What Lies Beneath

Dakota Life - 09/02/2010

The career of South Dakota native Harvey Dunn spanned two world wars and the Great Depression.  Now, technology has revealed some lost works by Dunn.  Lost because they were painted over by the artist himself.

The South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings is about to reveal some of theose lost works in a new exhibit.  SDPB's Brian Gevik brings us a first look.


Harvey Dunn artwork courtesy: South Dakota Art Museum

Photographs from "Where Your Heart Is" and "The Prairie is My Garden" by Robert F. Karolevitz, Copyright 1969 & 1970, North Plains Press, Aberdeen.

South Dakota State University
The Robert K. and Cynthia R. Dunn Collection
The William R. Agnew Collection
The Louise D. Rutherford Collection
U.S. Signal Corps Photo Collections, The National Archives
The Chicago Historical Society
The Delaware Art Center, Wilmington


(Please visit the South Dakota Art Museum Web site at:


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