South Dakota Focus: Animal Well Being

SD Focus - 09/23/2010

On our September 23rd South Dakota Focus we will take a closer look at animal well being. Most carnivores have a good understanding where their steak or chicken comes from but very few actually know what is done to those animals before they reach the grocery store. Members of the Agriculture community will talk about some of the procedures that are done to livestock and even our crops. They will address the concerns that some in America have that some procedures and chemicals are not unnecessary. We will talk about what all of this means for the final product - which is the milk you drink and the food you eat. Plus you will be able to call in with your own questions and comments. That's animal well-being LIVE September 23rd at 8:00pm CT / 7pm Mt. or watch online at



South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture

Office of the Secretary

South Dakota Department of Agriculture
523 E Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3182
Phone: 605-773-5425
Toll-Free in South Dakota: 1-800-228-5254
Fax: 605-773-5926


Animal Industry Board
Administers the following programs: Animal Health Maintenance; Market & Dealer Licensing & Bonding; Retail Store Meat Processors; Meat Inspection; Brucellosis & Pseudorabies Slaughter Surveillance Labs; Dead Animal Disposal; Rendering Facilities; Animal Importation; Inhumane Treatment of Animals; Non-domestic Animal Possession Permits.
Statutory Authority (SD Codified Law 40-3)
Board Members
Contact information: Dr.
Phone: 605-773-3321


SDSU Animal and Range Sciences Dept.


 SDSU Dept. of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences . .


Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Resource Connection
PO Box 1000
Johnston, IA 50131-0184
Phone: (515) 270-3200
Fax: (515) 334-4415


South Dakota Pork Producers Council
500 N. Western Ave Suite 500
Sioux Falls, SD  57104

Phone:  605.332.1600
Toll Free: 800.830.PORK

Fax: 605.332.9646



Additional Resources:

American Dairy Association of South Dakota
Administrates the dairy check-off funds to promote the dairy industry.
Statutory Authority (SD Codified Law 40-31)
Board Members
Contact information: Roger Scheibe
Phone: 605-692-1775
Other informational links:

Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
To protect the public by licensing qualified individuals to practice as veterinarians and veterinary technicians; and, to ensure adherence to the governing statutes.
Statutory Authority (SD Codified Law 36-12)
Board Members
Contact information: Dr.
Phone: 605-773-3321

Brand Board
Responsible for issuing, recording and maintaining a record of livestock brands; and, for the enforcement of laws pertaining to the ownership, transportation and sale of livestock in South Dakota.
Statutory Authority (SD Codified Law 40-18)
Board Members
Contact information:
Phone: 605-773-3324





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Animal Well Being
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