SDPB Radio looks at the oil boom in northwestern South Dakota and western North Dakota in a new series: DAKOTA DIGEST "Preparing for the Boom." The five-part series airs June 18-22 with daily stories at 7:35am (6:35 MT) and 5:30pm (4:30 MT).

SDPB News Producer Gary Ellenbolt recently spent a week in oil boom territory to investigate the oil fields and the issues surrounding the sudden boom. His series takes in history, cultural and social issues, environmental concerns, scientific findings and what it all means for South Dakota.

06/18/2012 - Preparing for the Boom #1
--Oil Exploration's History in the Dakotas

06/19/2012 - Preparing for the Boom #2
--Williston Rolls With the Changes

06/20/2012 - Preparing for the Boom #3
--Oil vs. Tourism

06/21/2012 - Preparing for the Boom #4
--Opportunities and Issues from Oil

06/22/2012 - Preparing for the Boom #5
--What if We're Wrong?