Slick Operation- Microorganisms to the rescue (pt 2)

Science Cafe - 09/20/2010

SCIENCE CAFÉ: Slick Operation- Microorganisms to the rescue (pt 2) - Presentation by Dr. Susan Landon-Arnold (2nd half of the presentation)

 Dr. Susan Landon-Arnold of Northern State University explores the world of microorganisms native to South Dakota that can be used to clean up oil spills in water and soil. She and SDPB News Director Cara Hetland talked about her work at the Science Café

SLICK OPERATION: MICROORGANISMS TO THE RESCUE, a Science Cafe event, was held Tuesday, September 14th at the Red Rooster Coffee House, Aberdeen.

NOAA: Deep Water Horizon Spill
NOAA: Oil Spill
NewsHour Extra
EPA: Oil Spill

Sponsored by SDPB Education & Outreach, the Red Rooster Coffee House and Northern State University. The SDPB Science Café moderator is Cara Hetland, SDPB Radio's News Director and host of the Innovation series on SDPB Radio on alternate Fridays at Noon (11 MT).


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Slick Operation- Microorganisms to the rescue (pt
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